Encompass Rx is excited to announce that we are currently one of the very few specialty pharmacies in the United States to have all four accreditations: URAC Specialty Pharmacy, URAC Mail Service Pharmacy, ACHC & VIPPS.

Accreditation involves an impartial organization reviewing and verifying a company’s operations and procedures. Ensuring compliance with accreditation standards puts our patients first in terms of optimizing health outcomes and guiding them through complicated therapy management.

Encompass Rx’s commitment to quality and safety is one of the top reasons medical providers choose and trust us to serve their patients.  Our commitment and passion to quality isn’t just something we claim- it’s been validated through accreditations from several of the nation’s top healthcare organizations. When accreditation is part of our everyday activity, consistent and enhanced services naturally fall into place.

View our VIPPS Accreditation 

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