Encompass Rx Opens Doors for Business as Independent Specialty Pharmacy

Encompass Rx is a locally owned and operated independent specialty pharmacy focusing on patient care in individuals with chronic diseases. We believe the role of the clinical pharmacist does not begin or end with the dispensing of a prescription. Our care model encompasses everything from formulary support and prior authorization management to injection training and financial assistance. The owners, John, Maney, and Dee have a combined 25+ years in specialty pharmacy practice in the Southeast.

Encompass Rx’s services are tailored to meet the individual needs of our clientele in order to best serve each patient. Our disease management programs are built to increase outcomes and give patients the care they need and deserve.

Encompass Rx, LLC opened their doors for business and started serving the residents of GA on 06/07/2012. They’ve quickly grown to address the needs of individuals across the SE and now service GA, FL, AL, and SC. In the expanding and ever-changing world of specialty pharmacy practice Encompass Rx has maintained a unique individualized patient and provider first model that is changing what people come to expect from their pharmacy team.

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