EncompassRx provides personalized, and best-in-class pharmacy services to help manage patients with chronic, complex and rare conditions to ensure positive clinical outcomes while reducing payer costs. Our clinical approach is complemented by our “Centers of Excellence” partnerships to help manage and reduce spiraling specialty drug costs with a pharmacist integrated model.

We offer our payers

    • Comprehensive and collaborative disease management and coordination of care for all your members.
    • Best in class concierge patient care, adapted to each patients individual needs based on their diagnosis and therapy.
      • Side-effect management with disease specific education support to help patients understand their course of treatment and maximize clinical outcomes.
    • Industry leading insights, with award winning clinical outcomes and financial savings programs.
      • Encompass IMPACT
    • Real time data exchange with our partners with tailored reports and transparency
      • Encompass CONNECT
    • Enhanced patient experience with dedicated clinicians and access to clinical pharmacists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
      • High-touch model designed to lower costs, promote adherence to therapy and reduce waste due to inappropriate therapy with a tailored approach to healthcare
    • Adaptable patient education and injection training provided over the phone or via video conferencing
      • Encompass LIVE

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